The No Excuses Show

Thanks for joining me!

Hi, my name is John Danes. I am a 19 year old entrepreneur currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have always been outgoing and had entrepreneurial characteristics. When I was 10 years old, I was living on a golf course in Nashville, Tennessee. I noticed that when they drained the ponds on the course, that there was a lot of golf balls laying out. I went out in the drained pond and grabbed all the golf balls I could, cleaned them up, and sold them on the course. When I was 16, I started buying and reselling exclusive sneakers and clothing online. I realized that being an entrepreneur was not only a great way to make money, but it made me very happy. The summer I turned 17 I went to go work with my cousins at their E-commerce business in Kansas City, Missouri. I realized how awesome what they did really was, and I was hooked. I was kicked out of school in 10th grade and was never necessarily book smart. I am very passionate about entrepreneurship. I have a small E-commerce operation, and I also own a social media marketing agency. I’m also growing my personal brand on Instagram @johnmdanes. My goal with this podcast is to inspire people to take control of their life, and to not let any else tell them what they can’t do. NO EXCUSES. IMG_2329

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